Dear pastor, please forward to women in any ministry leadership role.


Fall is here, but someone forgot to inform the weather.  I hope you are all safe from the fires that have been affecting our District. The air quality has been so bad that I don’t mind wearing a mask when I am out and about.


Are you ready to join our first “INSPIRE” Zoom call on Tuesday October 20 at 7:00 p.m.? I hope so, I know I am excited to see all your lovely faces! Just a reminder, this call is for women in any ministry leadership role. We want to gather to help encourage, resource and even process life.


Here is a little promo for you to watch and send to the women leaders in your area or church.


Here is the link to the Zoom call:


Click here Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm to join.


Meeting ID: 833 8142 8451

Passcode: tjyW06