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Tax Reform Information Video

Foursquare National Administrative Specialist, Cindy Towne, CPA talks about the changes to the 2018 tax code that directly affect pastors.

Foursquare Bylaws


Christian Background Checks

For nearly 25 years, Christian Background Checks has custom-tailored the background screening process for churches, camps, schools, and faith-based organizations.   The majority of our client organizations are screening potential volunteer or staff-member caregivers.

We do quality background screening for individuals who provide a safe haven and spiritual guidance to the next generation of faith.


Christian Background Checks

Sexual harassment and its effects on both individuals and organizations have been widely reported in the news over the last few years. As a result, several states have passed laws requiring training on this topic. Your state does not require training, but we want to make this resource available proactively in the event you need to respond to a sexual harassment situation in the future.

After a thorough due diligence process, ICFG is pleased to announce that we have negotiated preferred pricing with Media Partners for sexual harassment prevention training called "Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work" - a comprehensive, award-winning training solution that utilizes a comprehensive quality storytelling approach to deliver the content through realistic scenarios and interactive e-learning. The course educates employees and gives managers the tools they need to identify and stop inappropriate behavior.


To receive the preferred pricing of:


Employee Price per learner: $7.00 (compared to $11.50)

Manager Price per learner: $8.25 (compared to $15.50)


Please contact Terri Young from Media Partners at 800-817-3964 or and ask for the Foursquare preferred pricing.


This pricing remains in effect until December 31st.


A sample of the Media Partner resources are below:

Child & Youth Protection Manual